World Intellectual Property Day, 2023

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World Intellectual Property Day is a day set aside to celebrate the importance of intellectual property (IP) and to raise awareness about the role it plays in fostering innovation and creativity across the globe.

This year’s theme, “Women and IP: Accelerating Innovation and Creativity,” reminds us of the incredible contributions that women have made to the world of innovation and creativity, and the importance of empowering and supporting women to fully participate in innovative enterprises.

Women have been at the forefront of many ground-breaking discoveries and have contributed immensely to the development of intellectual property rights. However, despite the progress made in recent years, women are still underrepresented in many areas of innovation. Therefore, there is a need to ensure that IP policies and practices are gender-sensitive and do not reinforce existing gender inequalities. When women have equal access to IP protection and are given the necessary resources and opportunities to pursue their ideas ‘and innovative projects, we all benefit from their creativity and expertise.

On this World IP Day, let us celebrate the incredible contributions that women have made to the world of innovation and creativity, and let us continue to work towards a more equitable and inclusive future for all.

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