The Legality of Gross-Up Provisions in Commercial Agreements Revisited

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Data Privacy and Protection under the Nigerian Law – Francis Ololuo

The 21st century, commonly dubbed “the information age” with its greatest invention, the internet, has brought about fast and easy dispensation of personal information or data. With an estimated 2.96 billion social media users worldwide, social media is the greatest accomplice to the speedy dispensation of personal information around the world. Virtually everybody on the planet has their personal data i.e., name, address, pictures, email address, bank details, or medical information online. These data reveal sensitive personal information that can be exploited to harm users unscrupulously for economic gain. Thus, it is has become important to protect these data and regulate the way data is used. One should be able to decide whether or not they want to share some information, who has access to it, for how long, for what reason and to be able to modify some of this information, if necessary.