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Frederick Adefarati Associate

d: Real Estate & Succession
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Frederick Adefarati joined S. P. A. Ajibade & Co. in 2012. Prior to joining the firm, he practiced extensively in the North and in a reputable law firm in Lagos where he garnered considerable experience in the areas of Corporate and Commercial Law, Real Estate and Probate, Succession Law, Land Law, Labour Law, Arbitration and general litigation.

He is a member of the Real Estate and Succession Department of the firm where he provides legal and statutory advisory services to companies and individuals relating to the sale and acquisition of real estate, perfection of titles, due diligence, perfection of mortgages, and real estate financing. He also handles all litigation matters arising from real estate succession and probate.

Frederick’s career goal is to strive for client satisfaction within the ambit of the law.

  • Swansea University, UK – Masters of Law (LLM) in Oil and Gas Law 2016
  • Nigerian Law School, Abuja - Barrister at Law (BL) 2008.
  • University of Benin, Benin City, Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.) with Honours 2007.
  • Member, Nigerian Bar Association (NBA).
  • Member, Lagos Court of Arbitration (LCA).
  • Member, International Chamber of Commerce Young Arbitrators Forum (ICCYAF)
  • Associate of International Centre for Dispute Resolution® Young & International (ICDR Y&I)
  • Shareholder groups seek removal of limitation period for unclaimed dividends (Co-authored and published on the International Law Office) HERE
  • Companies in dispute cannot amend members’ register without court leave (published on the International Law Office Website) HERE
  • Enforcement of Arbitration Awards in Nigeria vis-à-vis the Limitation Period under the Limitation Laws – The Need for Urgent Legislative Intervention; Co-authored with Cajetan Osisioma and published in the Lagos Court of Arbitration Dispute Resolution Journal Volume 1, Number 1, 2014.
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