Practice Areas

Real Estate & Succession

Our real estate practice provides legal support in the sale, acquisition and perfection of title to landed properties in Nigeria. We conduct due diligence on title and occupancy details as well as perfect mortgages. We represent the interests of our clients in the acquisition, sale and mortgage of real estate properties as well as advising on other real estate financing arrangements such as joint ventures and Real Estate Investment Trusts.

Our succession practice involves non-contentious as well as contentious matters. We assist our clients with the drafting of wills, obtaining probate, letters of administration and where disputes arise, in consequential litigation including the appointment of administrators pendente lite and other contentious probate proceedings. We also assist with the re-sealing of probate and letters of administration where estate properties are located outside the domicile of the deceased.

  • Real Estate
  • Legal Drafting and Conveyance
  • Securitization and Perfection of Titles
  • Environment and Land Use Approvals
  • Estate Planning
  • Will Probate and Contests
  • Estate Administration
  • Trust Disputes

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